Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Culmination

So I have "sort of" been following along with American Idol this season, but this year just wasn't as good. At least not good enough to keep my attention week after week. Maybe I am just getting tired of it, or tired of the repetitiveness. It's the same thing every year, just different contestants.

Even the judges are the same. Not just their person, but their comments sometimes seem so redundant. Randy is pretty true and up front with everyone and if you're bad, he will tell you, but in a nice way and if you're great, he will give you awesome props! Paula makes me cringe. She is so sweet she is sickening. I am not sure how she benefits the contestants if she sugar coats everything. Constructive criticism is a must, I feel. Then there is Simon. I like Simon, even though he can be a bit brash sometimes. He states the truth, difficult as it may be to hear, and if the contestants are wise, they will take his advice as he is usually right.

With that said, I usually choose a few of my favorites once they narrow the group down to the top 24 hoping they make it to the top 12, and follow them when I can to the end. I found that this year, the two that made it to the very end, were the two that I have been following.

David Archuleta has got to be one of the sweetest kids alive. He is a 17 year old America's Sweetheart with a golden voice, as he once again, proved tonight. He caught my ear from very early on. There is just something soothing about listening to him that makes me want to hear more. Tonight, as he performed his last three songs before the competition is considered "over", he still won my heart over. He is so true and genuine and that shows in his music. He will go far in this industry as long as he wants it bad enough. I can only hope that he continues to stay sincere. He is so young and has so much to learn.

David Cook is another kind soul. He won over America in the very early stages as well. Not only because he has an amazing vocal, but he took chances and leaps of faith to progress him further into the competition that others just couldn't do. One of my favorite things about David Cook was that he changed it up, he tried to be different and stand out and he wasn't afraid to do it. He has a very unique voice and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with after this is all over. Even if he doesn't win, he will go far and have a faithful listener in me!

I have always preferred David Cook over David Archuleta, but after tonights performance, I think Archuleta has it hands down. Either way, America chose wisely this season and we have found two more amazing artists. I will leave you with a video from each....

David Cook - Billy Jean (Michael Jackson) - Top 10 Week---> I really love this song! The video is a bit choppy but it shows an interview with him at the beginning to give you a taste of his personality and the end where the judges tell him he could win it!!

David Archuleta - Stand By Me (Ben E. King) - Top 4 Week ---> When I see this and his interview before the song, I just wanna grab him up and hug him! He is just adorable! A true insight into him and again the judges critique, basically telling him he could win it too!

Tomorrow will tell....there is not a loser in this competition, in my opinion!

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