Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fortune Cookie Friday #1

The impossible is often untried. How true is that? So many times we say, "that's impossible!" whether it be in regards to ourselves or something larger than that. How can we really say that something is impossible if we have never tried it? Sure, it might be difficult because its either new, or maybe you set your "goal" to high to start off, but if you work at it and try, it could most certainly be possible. The saying "anything is possible" goes along with this. If you put your mind to it, and you really want to achieve it, you can.

I am going to use an example here that references cycling, since I am seriously loving it right now. A friend shared this with me and I was out of my mind amazed!! This just goes to show you what really IS possible when you want it bad enough.

A man by the name of Scott Cutshall was 38 years old, married and with children. He was afraid that he wouldn't live to see the age of 40. How terrifying is that? So he made a choice to change his life. At 501 pounds and determined as hell to lose the weight, he got on a bike and rode 1.9 miles every day (along with changing his diet)! This was in 2004. After continuing to ride and push on, now he weighs 232 pounds!! Talk about amazing!! I encourage you to read the article that tells more about it HERE (make sure you go to page 2 as well, it shows what he looks like today). If you enjoyed that and were inspired by it, you can read more about Scott on his BLOG.

So, remember, the next time you say, "that's impossible"...think of Scott and his story and press on =) Imagine where he may have been had he said that it was impossible for him to lose the weight.....!!

Scott, you are a true inspiration and your success just makes me want to ride even more!! Thank you for sharing your story and being so open about it. Many will triumph with the inspiration you have provided!

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