Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bizarre Foods Surprise

Things have a funny way of happening, it seems, and in this case it is definitely a good thing.

I'm sure you've heard me talk about Twitter before and how much I enjoy it (most of the time) and how many fantastic people I've met along the way. Well one more good thing came out of Twitter for me! Woo Hoo! Let me tell you....

A few days ago I posted about the show called Bizarre Foods and the Halloween special that was on (I hoped you watched it because it was GOOD!). Anyways, a month or so ago I found Bizarre Foods on Twitter (@BizarreFoods) and followed them. Low and behold, they actually followed me back which surprised me because usually you get lost in the mix of rush of other followers. So upon the follow back I sent an @ message to them about a previous episode. Another surprise is that they actually research that kind of thing. They saw that I tweeted about Bizarre Foods, looked at my profile, obtained my blog address, which let to my email address and one of the Travel Channels online team member emailed me (on 10/18/08) about the show and offering to add me to be on the emailing list, but it was very personalized, which was great! Another thing in the email (yes, I'm getting to the Woo Hoo part...lol) spoke of getting free stuff such as an autographed photo of Andrew, a DVD or perhaps some edible crickets..mmm! All I had to do was send my address and see what happened. Honestly, I sent my address to her but wasn't going to hold my breath that I would actually get anything.

Can you believe that today, 10 days after the email, I got all THREE items!!?? The autographed photo, the edible crickets (no, I am NOT going to eat them) and the DVD Collection 1, which is the first season!! Wow! How cool is that?

Not only is the show awesome, but so are the ones behind it. I am very impressed and very happy!!! Thank you so much Travel Channel/Bizarre Foods!!!

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