Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bizarre Foods

I was introduced to Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel a few months ago and immediately loved it. It's one of those shows that causes a reaction from its audience every time. Sometimes you laugh and point at the T.V. saying "OMG", or you have to cover your eyes saying "why oh why would anyone eat that?", and other times you want to "lose your cookies".

I love the show because every time it is a new adventure into a new culture. It's not just entertaining, but educational. You learn about the country and it's people, their cultures, beliefs, and traditions. Along with all that, you get to see Andrew explore the most bizarre foods of the world and laugh at him along the way, too. Yes, I said "laugh at" him. He has quite the personality and isn't afraid to jest in regards to himself or where he is visiting. It is definitely an entertaining show and I encourage you to watch it, even with the "gross out effect" (which of course is the absolute best part)!

This Tuesday (October 21st) he is doing a Halloween special that is sure to be extra creepy and gross! Check out the below clip and you will see just a wee bit of what I am talking about!

Enjoy.....mmmmm :)

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Anonymous said...

My son and I *love* that show but don't have a television so we are left with whatever's online. Speaking of which, while not the entire focus of the show, there are a number of bizarre foods in Paul Merton in China which I highly recommend. Very fun series.