Sunday, June 14, 2009


Peanut: It's a tiny little car isn't it?
Jeff: It's small.
Peanut: I bet to get in and out, you gotta use a lotta lotion

I'm so disappointed that I missed the opportunity to get tickets to go see Jeff Dunham in person. Once I realized he was in town, he was sold out :( No matter how many times I watch his videos, I still laugh almost to tears. Peanut is my favourite and I think, has the best lines. Like the one above and this one: "Once you go purple, you never go back"...LOL!

I chose to post this video because in this one he picks on the Toyota Prius. Even though he picks on the car, I have to admit that the commercials they have come up with are pretty darn clever and creative. Not enough to make me want one, though. I mean, I live around too many hills to have to push the thing up them all the time...hee hee!

If you look close, I think it nearly has to stop for a breather at the top of the bridge :)

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