Monday, June 29, 2009

Definition of Adorable

"There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face." ~Ben Williams

The above statement could not be more true. You can be in the saddest of sad places and what a little puppy love won't bring you out of. Even if it's just to make you smile for a moment, and then they grow and grow and grow and you can't imagine living life with out them. I mean, who else would listen to everything I had to say and never grumble about it? They are just happy you are there with them, just...being. A never failing form of unconditional love.

A couple months ago my black lab had to be put down. She was just getting too old and she gave up eating and drinking. It was one of the most difficult decisions but it was what was better for her. She was the best dog that I had ever had. She was just so sweet. Always by your side and never a complaint out of her, and no matter what the kids did to her when they were little ones, she never snapped. She was just happy to be by you. When we got her the previous owners called her Candy. We never did change her name even though we thought it was kind of dorky. I guess it described her to a T though :)

There was never any intention of getting another dog. It wasn't even a thought. My daughter was asked over to a sleep over and she told me, "MOM guess what!! You gotta see the puppies when you drop me off!!". I said "puppies?!". "YES!! TEN of them!!". So of course, being the animal lover that I am, of course I wanted to see them. So when I dropped her off we had a look at all of the puppies. Oh my gosh! Talk about a frenzie of 10 german shepherd puppies. They were so much fun. We were just about to leave and Bug says, "Here mom, hold her. She's cute.". I took her from him and I think I literally melted to the floor right there with her. A week later I brought her home with me.

So with out further ado, meet Niko (Nee-koh). She is a long haired german shepherd who just turned 8 weeks today! Isn't she adorable?

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