Saturday, July 18, 2009

And The Thunder Rolls...

Zee is in her third year of fastpitch softball and loves every minute of it. It's the one thing that she has really latched onto and she's incredibly good at it!! Last year her favourite position was catcher. The pitcher and her had an amazing connection and she was spot on 90% of the time. However, last year she really wanted to try pitching, but because so many girls already had the position, she didn't get the chance. This year, she has and loves it. She starts just about every game pitching and she gets better and better at it. If she's not pitching, she's at first base. Personally, I think she should strive towards first base because it's the position she is best at, but she has to find her niche and passion on her own. I feel she will have a tough time deciding between first and pitching. I am just so proud of her that no matter where she is put on the field, she does her absolute best to learn the position and to help her team in the game and she has fun, which is the most important part of the game!!

We have a local Pro Fastpitch team, The Rockford Thunder, that Zee just loves. She's constantly begging to go to the games. She even told me that one day maybe she could play for the Thunder! It makes me smile to know she is thinking that far ahead and that she has that much heart for the game. So when I saw that they were going to be hosting a clinic, I signed her up. She was so excited because a few of the girls from the team were actually doing the training. Megan Willis (catcher) and Chelsea Spencer (short stop) were the ones that Zee worked with most. Of course she got their autographs and she even got a picture with each of the girls.

Pictures: Zee and Chelsea then Zee and Megan

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