Sunday, July 5, 2009


"I know my choices will be creative so long as I follow my heart." ~~Huey Lewis

One of my most favourite treats of summer is strawberry pie!! Of course you could make it during the winter or fall but it's just not the same, so I only tend to make it in the summertime. Today was such a day for a treat! No reason in particular. I just had a massive taste for it! :)

It is such an easy recipe so I thought I would share it here with you in case YOU had a taste for it too!!

Now depending on how in the mood for cooking I am, sometimes I will make my own crust, but today I just used a store bought frozen pie crust and followed the directions for baking the crust first. So you will have to choose what is easier for you.

While your crust is baking, combine 1 1/2 cups of water, 2 Tablespoons of cornstarch, and 3/4 cup of white sugar in a saucepan and heat on medium heat, stirring constantly. Mixture should come to a boil. Still stirring, boil for about two minutes. Your mixture should be nearly clear. Lower heat and add one 3 ounce box of strawberry jello mix and stir until completely dissolved. Turn off heat and set aside to cool. NOTE: The mixture should be a thick consistency.

While that is cooling, wash and de-stem your strawberries. I like a lot of strawberries so I used 2 - 1 pound containers. De-stemming probably isn't the technical term, but the way I remove the stem is to use a straw. Yep. A good ole straw. I hold the strawberry, stem side up, and push the straw from the bottom up until it pokes through the top. This Removes the stem easy peasy! :) After all your strawberries are de-stemmed, slice them. Again, I take the easy way out and use an egg slicer to slice my berries...hee hee. Super quick and the slices are even! Oh, and it keeps the knives out of my hands, because that can be dangerous sometimes!

Making sure your crust is cool and your jello mixture is cool, place your strawberries in the bottom of your crust. Again, me loving strawberries, I pack them in and have a nice rounded top when I'm done. Once placed, take your mixutre and pour over the strawberries. Use it all if you can.

Refrigerate for at least an hour and serve with Cool Whip! (If you're like me, you may want to buy two tubs of Cool Whip as one may not last until the pie is ready..hee hee!!)

Viola! Mmmmmm.....Enjoy!

P.S. Happy Birthday Huey Lewis!! :)

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