Sunday, July 26, 2009

Close to my heart...

With both kids in softball and baseball, the past few months have been crazy busy and I haven't been able to work on my digital pages like I had intended to. When I think about it, I really haven't taken the photos I had intended to take either. My original goal was to do at least a page a month on each of the kiddos (more if I could) because they grow up so fast. Bug just turned 8 and Zee is now 11 and pretty soon they'll be moving out....eeks!!! Yes, I know that it is a few years down the road, but if those years pass as fast as these last ones have, it will feel like tomorrow.

So after the hustle and bustle of the tournament this weekend for Zee, tonight I finally was able to sit down and put together a few pages. Mind you, it takes me forever to do one page, even in digital where it is so much easier, because it has to look just right or it's a no go. I think that they call that being anal...heh!

Anywho....I was able to complete three pages. Yay!! Have a looksie :)

The first one is from Bug's last game of this season. He has improved so much this year and just loves the game!!

The second and third ones I had so much fun making. They just make me smile. The story behind them was that the day I got my new Nikon camera I was taking a ton of photos. We were just finishing eating dinner that night and I was taking some candid shots of the kids. They started to make goofy faces so I took advantage of the situation and kept snapping. Zee started with it and then Bug is like, "Mom Mom Mom..take MY picture!!".... LOL! Hence the two goofy layouts that I am sure will bring smiles for many years.

Oh, and for the record, both kids said that they loved them (the layouts)!! We'll check back in about 10 years and see how they feel then! Ha! :)

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