Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Greatest

You always hear the term "soccer mom" but it's coming to light that I'm definitely becoming a "softball mom". It's all Zee talks about lately. I mean we can't even go to the grocery store with out her walking around practicing her pitching wind ups!

Her summer league ended already but her coach chose her to play in the All Star game, which was yesterday! We had to be there at 11a for her practice, the game began at 12:30p and was over at 2p. Even though her team lost, they played a hard game and gave it their all! An hour later they were holding skills competition for pitching, batting, and running. That lasted another two hours. Let's just say after 6 hours of sitting on metal bleachers, my butt was ready to go home. Literally! It was a really fun day though, for both Zee and myself!

(**Zee is in the black visor in front of the dude with the yellow shirt**)

Today she had her try outs for a competitive fast pitch team. I tell you what, those coaches worked those girls to the ground! Two and a half hours of hard work and not one of them showed any sign of giving up. It's amazing to see that much determination despite the heat and drills, on top of the pure sense of competition. I don't know how the coaches will decide who to choose as every girl did a great job. I am crossing every body part possible that she makes the team. I am incredibly proud of her no matter what happens because she put her all into it and kept a smile on her face!

Zee's passion and dedication to fast pitch always makes me think of one particular song. I know that it's more about a boy and his baseball, but its the same concept....determination to be the greatest at what you love most!

Kenny Rogers - The Greatest

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