Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Totally like whatever, you know?

I am so glad that I follow blogs where people post stuff that keeps me laughing! For one, I'm just lazy and it's easier when other people find the cool stuff. Two, it gives me something to babble on about here on my own blog and will hopefully also peak your attention and in turn, make YOU laugh too. That's a "two fer", as they say! We both win...hee hee! It's refreshing to know that sometimes being lazy pays off. (Yes, I'm kidding) :D

Diving head first back into digital scrapbooking has led me to some amazing blogs and one of them is Jessica Sprague's. She is an amazing designer and teacher. It's no surprise that she found and posted this video that is full of creativity! The typography is fantastic but its the poem and the reading of that makes me laugh!! The title of the poem is called Totally Like Whatever, You Know? by Taylor Mali. When I was younger (many many many many years ago..heh) my dad used to tease the heck out of me because I always said "whatever!!". He still does to this day, even though I don't say it nearly as much so this made me think of him.

At the end of the video it gives a website... So of course I wanted to check it out since he is the author of the poem. Again, I was plesantly surprised. I love little quirky creative things and this one just made me giggle....a lot!!! Check out the site. Do you see all the links? Yeah...roll your mouse over each line and see what happens. Pay attention now. Did you see it? The words changed, right? Mr. Mali is a clever man to take each link and make an anagram out of each one!!! My favourites include: "Um, barely a strap on", "stop his whacker" (OMG...still giggling here...hee hee), and "softer squeaky delinquents"! I also thought it was pretty neat that as you scrolled over the links, his photo changed, like an animated video :)

There, I hope you have your giggle for the day now :)

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