Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Are You Gonna Do?

I stumbled upon this group about a year or so ago and have enjoyed them ever since. The song that caught my attention originally is called This Is Your Life. (click the song title to listen). Their songs stick with me because of their vocals, but mainly because of the meaning behind their songs. A lot of life lessons to be learned by listening to them, especially in This Is Your Life.

The other song that I've repeatedly played as of late is called Dare You To Move. It urges you to get back on your feet after being knocked down. Bad things happen. No one can prevent that. It's how you deal with it afterwords that matters. Do you lay down and let the sand get kicked in your eyes or do you get up and move in a better direction? It's your choice. There's always a choice, difficult as it may be.

I dare you to move....

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