Saturday, September 20, 2008


more animals

When I saw this posted on icanhascheezeburger, the very first thing I thought of was a favorite fairy tale of mine, Peter Pan (Lost Boys). Tootles had been one of Wendy's orphans and in the story he was now an old man who had said that he lost his marbles. The story lead you to believe that he has lost or is losing his mind or becoming senile, when all in all, in this tale, he literally did lose his marbles. The glass kind. Peter retrieved these from one of the boys in Neverland and returned them to Toodles. Upon the return, a bit of fairy dust spilled out of the bag, and he was able to return to Neverland. I hope, that when I am old and gray, and have lived a fulfilling life, that someone will return MY marbles, and I can fly off to Neverland.....

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