Saturday, December 27, 2008

Off The Bookshelf

So a few weeks ago, the craze around here was the new Twilight movie that came out. I had not even heard of this before the kids started begging me to go see it, let alone knowing there was a series of books behind it as well. Opening weekend I had agreed to take them to see a movie as long as they got their rooms cleaned (yes, sometimes bribery gets you somewhere..heh). The plan made originally was to go see High School Musical 3 (ugh...the price of being a good mom and putting up with that stuff. Just kidding!). Anyways, at last they finished their rooms and had asked to see Twilight instead. Who was I to turn down a vampire movie as opposed to a bunch of high school kids singing? Let's just say they didn't have to ask twice :)

So off to the movie we went. It really was nothing of what I expected which I posted HERE if you want to read that Basically I was partly expecting vampires like those in 30 Days of Night. Umm..yeah. Not like that at all! Actually was almost tamer than a G rated movie compared to 30 Days of Night...sigh. However, the love story line was good.

The movie was fair enough so I thought I'd read the books. The books are always better than the movie, well in most cases anyway. So I picked up Twilight and started reading and it was a fast read and totally different than the movie, much much better! Those that told me they read the book already but hadn't watched the movie, I told them not to waste their money in the theater, wait until its out and rent it if anything. It is like night and day. The ones that didn't listen, wished they had.

Anyways, I've read Twilight and the next in the series, New Moon, and I have started the third called Eclipse and I am about half way through it, then there is the final book called Breaking Dawn. Of course it was written for teen agers so the read is mellow but still keeps you guessing and then there's the love story which I'm always a sucker for! Heh.

Somehow through these books I've been sort of drawn to vampires. Yes I know they don't really exist..sheesh! ;) I've always like the blood and gore of vampire movies and never thought about the possibilities of romanticism so it has my mind peaked. I was in Barnes and Nobles and picked up a book by Laurell K. Hamilton called Guilty Pleasures. I couldn't help but read the first few chapters already even though I haven't finished Eclipse yet and I know I will enjoy this, on more of an "adult" level! *grins*

Know of any other good books...about vampires, of course? Jot me a note and let me know :)

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Mik said...

Several people have said the movie isn't as good as the book and not to bother seeing it in the theater.