Friday, April 3, 2009


Work doesn't always have to be "work". You gotta have some fun once in a while and my team loves to prank each other and people from other units. We go from placing a post it note underneath their mouse to cover up the laser so it will not work, putting 3-hole punch circles in their fan so when they turn it on they fly all over, turning radio volumes full blast so when they turn it on it's blaring, tieing fake spiders to a string leading to the next desk so when you pull on it lightly it looks like its moving, hiding a remote controlled "fart box" at their desk and making it go off unexpectedly, hiding fake rats in drawers to scare the shite out of them when they open it, wrapping an entire desk in aluminum foil, and on and on and on and on......

So, when I saw this video I just knew I would have to do this. Just gotta find an old keyboard and I know just the person to I can do this to...hee hee!!!

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Cindy said...

tooo funny! I always enjoy filling a co workers car with packing peanuts and then sarahn wrapping them shut.