Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stitching Up Loose Ends

As any other quilter I've ever met, I have a few UFO's laying around. No, not little alien saucer like space vehicles, but something similar. Un-Finished Objects. :)

Anything I begin as a gift, is a sure fire quilt to be completed. However, when I work on something I like for me, sometimes those get put aside for one reason or another. So I've decided to go through some of those and tie up the loose ends, or stitch them up, rather.

I took a class a year or so ago on a square in a square quilt. One of the women who worked in that shoppe had developed a ruler to make creating this type of block much easier. When it was finished, it was intended to be a wall quilt but I never got past piecing the blocks and sewing them in rows. Last weekend I dug it out and made new plans for it, then when shopping for more fabric.

Bugs favourite colour is blue so this was pretty much a no brainer and he absloutely loves it!! :)

I think he approves :)

Kallie checking it out to make sure it's ok to give to!

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