Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mullet With Headlights

I get bored sometimes and this leads to random clicking around on the net. One thing leads to another and I usually end up in BFE* but sometimes I happen on something worth sharing. Here is a part of one of my ventures.

I came across this...

(credit to original poster of chart)

So then I got the urge to see the original video and I wasn't sure if I should be scared or not. It's kind of a creepy video, but the song is good. I remember doing a skit to it in High School. Maybe that's why I like it. Hmm.

Then of course while doing a search for that, I saw a previous search for the 'literal' version and checked that out too. I remembered seeing this before and I think I even have it as a favourite. I can't help but laugh, as well as appreciate the work that went into this version. Perhaps its not right to pick on a video, but it's all in good fun with no harm meant.

Hope you enjoyed or at least smiled a bit :)

*BFE - Bum Fuck, Egypt

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Anonymous said...

I remember that skit.