Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Terriffic Tuesday...

Oh WOW! That is really all I can muster at this moment in regards to the day I have had today. Ok, nothing super extraordinary happened today, but after the last few weeks I have had, I had a day like today coming to me..

My day actually kind of started last night and ventured into the wee hours of this morning. There is that saying that laughter is the best medicine. Well, whoever coined that phrase was dead on!! I spent hours laughing so hard last night/this morning that my stomach still hurts (well not really, but I laughed really hard). Granted, I know that part of the laughter and good times was directly affected by the company I had, and that just made it so much better. I just hope it was equally amusing...giggles =)

Then...ok this is a good one too...Ready? OK. Every Tuesday I step on the scale (cringe). Every Tuesday I'm oddly disappointed. I say oddly because I don't really expect the numbers to go down, but to at least stay the same, right? Well today I step on that blasted scale and guess what? Just guess, will ya? Giggles...ok..fine, I will tell ya! Ten pound less!! TEN POUNDS!! WTH??? I did nothing different! I moved that scale to 5 different locations and everywhere said the same thing! I checked the calibration several times thinking "who would play such a cruel joke?" So after much messing and almost making myself late for work, I figured it must be right!! WOOT!! Ok, so I have no idea why I lost 10 pounds, but I'm going with it!! I am definitely NOT complaining!

On to work I go after this escapade in my bathroom. Work in itself lately has been a bugger. I have been stressed to the max and ready to pull my hair out. However, today just seemed to flow by. No hiccups. No mass confusion. No headaches. I even saw someone run full on into a door!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing! Highlight of my day, that was!! Poor thing, so embarrassed....giggles.. !! Ok, I'm really sorry I laughed at her, but I know it is something that I would do, which makes it even funnier for me. Yeah, I'm that clumsy! I won't even tell you about my Senior Prom night...I might start crying...hehe!

So, after work, I am driving home, blasting my music with the windows down in the beautiful 70 degree sunny weather we had today! I didn't even have road rage today..hehe! Was smooth sailing home...just one thing missing but I can't talk about that!

I get home and have a ton of energy, so I decide to keep in theme with the whole weight loss thing and decided to get back into some sort of a work out. It's been a while but I'm up for it. I changed my clothes, grabbed my iPod and headed downstairs to push on the treadmill for a while. I turned on my tunes, turned them WAY up, and just lost myself....for over an hour!!! Yeah....wow, that felt GREAT!! What's really funny is when you are on for that long and you stop and try and walk "normal"....you feel like you are floating on the air. Its the strangest feeling! After that it was onto take a shower, which those are ALWAYS good, and then it was time to eat dinner.

All that I can say is REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!!!!

See, I told you it was nothing extraordinary, but still......it counts!

Oh, I almost forgot. One more thing. I just found out today, that on October 26th, Saw4 comes to the theaters!! Boo Yaaa!!! Yes, I know...its a bit weird, even for me. But I LOVE those movies! I know. I'm scary...hehe! It's only a few weeks away!! WOOT!!!

I think that's it...but hoping the goodness will continue the rest of the night.....

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