Sunday, December 27, 2009

In The Works

I haven't done a post in a while for anything crafty so I thought I would take a minute and share a few of the things I've been working on. I've been so busy lately but somehow I've found the time to keep my hands busy. I guess it's one of the things that keeps me sane. It's my yoga, so to speak :)

First is a photo of a quilt I've been working on. I actually put the top together in one day but now I need to actually quilt it, then bind it, and then to complete the look, it must be washed to fray the edges. I'm hoping to finish it this week. I will post a photo of the finished product to see the difference.

Christmas Quilt
Fabric is called Cotton Blossoms made by Moda. Blocks are 10" with 5" squares on top of that, then a 2.5" square on top of that. I used two Layer Cakes which is enough for the top and binding! Easy peasy :)

While browsing Flickr I ran across a photo of a crochet block of a daisy and thought it was cute. After some research I learned that the woman who designed it, Krystal, has people mail her completed blocks in exchange for the pattern. She then takes the blocks and completes afghans and gives them away to charities. What a wonderful idea! I joined her Yahoo group, received the pattern and made one up today. I don't see myself making my own afghan with it but I will definitely send her some blocks for her to use! If you want to do one yourself, check out her blog HERE to get the details.

Daisy Square
It's in the blocking stage right now, hence all the pins, but you get the idea :)

Last but not least is a preview of what I am working on now and a project that will be next. The preview of what I am working on now is actually what the bright colored yarn is sitting on top of. You can't really see it (that is on purpose) but once it's done, I'll post a picture. It's been in the making for about a month and I'm almost done! Yay!

Next In Line

I am drawn to bright colours in the winter time. Winter here is very colourless. It's all white. Not that there is anything wrong with white, it just gets boring after a while. These yarns will be used to crochet a bag and then it will be felted. I can't wait to start it but I have to finish my other project first. It's going to be sooo cute! :)

I know you noticed the turtle!! I was at my local yarn shop last week and when I was checking out I happened to glance towards a basket on the counter and squealed. Yes, literally. The owner was giggling at me when I asked her if those were He is actually a tape measure. I'm not too keen about pulling his wee tail to make the tape come out but then I get to push his belly to retract the I just couldn't resist!

Much Love!

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