Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winning Isn't Everything

"Four out of five dentists surveyed recommended playing hockey." ~Author Unknown

I went to my first hockey game of this season tonight and I had so much fun. I had forgotten how exciting and intense those games were. I missed it.

The best part was that I finally got to see the Ice Hogs beat Milwaukee while I was at a game. Every other time I've been to a game where Milwaukee was our opponent, we lost. I was beginning to think I was bad luck for! No, not really. Milwaukee is a great team who is freaking fast and they play awesome defense. Even though we won 4-2, they had twice as many shots on goal than we did. Yikes!

There was only one fight though because the refs kept breaking them up before they could really begin. Then all of a sudden Rabbit and Hobson dropped gloves and went to it. Hobson got a few good punches into Rabbit but it looked more like a hugging match than a

Another interesting thing I noticed tonight was while I was watching the fans. It was kind of along the same lines of what I noticed while at the Shinedown concert as well. I am what you would consider a "people watcher" I guess. People are fascinating because everyone does their own thing. Everyone participates differently. Like at the game. There were people there that cheered full on and held nothing back, yet there were those that even though they were decked out in team garb, they only sat and watched. Not a clap, or a cheer or a high five. Just sitting quietly to take it all in. I don't quite understand those kind of fans because I'm one of the ones screaming and cheering and yelling at the refs, but just the same, I find it interesting. Just like I'll never understand why people go to a concert and just sit there. They don't sing or dance or even stand up. I suppose it's their way to be "in the moment". Everyone appreciates things in their own way and I can respect that. It was just something I noticed that always seems to pique my interest...

Much Love!

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