Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beautiful Ice

I, begrudgingly, woke up this morning and began toodling around the house getting things done when I looked outside. The trees were covered in, what I thought to be, ice. I thought maybe it rained in the night and then dropped so cold to freeze it. I wanted to capture a photo of it for my 365 days of photos. I was so surprised when I got close enough to see what was really on the trees. I have never in my life saw anything like it in person. I can't even figure out how it happened but it was beautiful. Mother Nature amazes me yet again.

Day 17 - Beautiful Ice

Beautiful Ice

Beautiful Backyard

After I was done admiring, I snapped a few photos of the quilt I had been working on and completed. I had worked on it a good part of the day yesterday so I wanted to finish it. I was up till 2 am sewing on the binding but the movie I Love You Man, kept me I personally thought the movie was funny, despite reviews I had heard. Every now and again you need to watch a nonsensical movie like that. :)

Scruffy Quilt

Scruffy Quilt 3

Much Love!!

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