Sunday, January 3, 2010

Three's A Company? No Way!

I know I said that I would try really hard to complete projects before starting new ones, but with all these yummy yarn colours I have, I can't help but to play with all of them. Clearly that means I've started another crocheting project. I know...what was I thinking?! This one is really fun and works up fast so it shouldn't take me too long. :)

I'm making a giant granny square blanket for my daughter. I began working on it last night and have worked on it today some and have 20 rows already!! She loves it and I have from now until I complete it to figure out how I am going to part with it... lol.

Giant Granny

What do you think?

Now, honestly, no more crochet projects until I complete one of the 3 I have going. Which means I am going to have to stop looking at Flickr! Ack! One can lose themselves there if not careful :)

Much Love!!

****Edited to add pattern instructions:

I've never written up pattern instructions before and I didn't use a pattern to create this afghan but I'll give it a whirl in writing it out :) Please let me know if you have any questions!

Begin by chaining 4, then join with first loop of chain to form a ring.
Ch 3 (this will count as your first DC)
DC 11 more times in ring for a total of 12 DC.
Join with a slip stitch at top of first DC

At this point I am using two rounds of each colour, but if you want each row to be a different colour, change your colour here.

Ch 4, this will count as your first DC and Ch1 space. DC 3 more times in the same space below your Ch3. (You will have 4 DC in this space)
*Skip 3 DC and 3 DC in the next space
Ch 1
3 DC in same space
Ch 1*
Repeat between ** twice more
In first corner space, DC 2 more times, then join with slip stitch in top of your first DC and finish off
Each of your corners should consist of 3DC, ch 1, 3DC for a total of 24 DC.

Join new colour (method of your choice) in one of the Ch 1 space corners and Ch 4 (first DC and Ch 1 space).
DC 3 more times in same space, Ch 1, 3 DC in next Ch 1 space along the side, Ch 1, 3 DC in Ch 1 corner space, Ch 1, 3 DC in same space, Ch 1 and repeat around, making sure each corner consists of 3DC, ch 1, 3DC and each ch1 space on the sides consist of 3DC.

When you get to the last corner, after your ch1, 2DC in first corner and then join with a slip stitch in the top of first DC.

If you do 2 or more rounds of the same colour, after your final slip stitch to complete that row, ch 4. This will aways be your first DC + ch 1 space, whether you change colours or not.

Each round increases one ch1 space on each side.

Repeat until size desired is reached :)

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tlh said...

i love this. i just tried to start one of these but it got all lopsided and stretched out in places, and i didn't know how to fix it. so i just quit. lol. if you wanted to post the pattern you're using, that'd be awesome. :)