Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cozy and Warm

The weekend of Thanksgiving we went to my dad's and he keeps things a Thankfully they also keep blankets handy, a few of them being crocheted. There was one in particular that I really liked because the stitches were dense instead of full of holes so it was warmer. This silly blanket piqued my interest back into crochet again. (Now I can't seem to stop!) I've known how since I was 10 or 11 but I've never really worked in it much. I did make my son a blanket that he's used for the last 7 years, but that's it for me and crochet.

Once I was back home I went on a hunt for the pattern (since the blanket had been a gift, a pattern was not known). It took me a week but I did find it. I was also thankful that it was an easy pattern and I knew it wouldn't take forever to complete.

December 04, 2009 this project was begun. January 10, 2010 it was completed using approximately 50 ounces of worsted weight yarn and a size I crochet hook! In just over a month I have my very own warm, soft and yummy blanket to keep me toasty! Yay!

Day 10 - Pleasantries
**This was me earlier this afternoon working on the last skein to complete it :)

**This is after it's finished, just a close up

**Even closer. You can really see the "tweedy" look of the yarn here

Want one for yourself? HERE is the pattern :) I didn't use Red Heart yarn because I think it's too scratchy, but I did use "I Love This Yarn" which you can only find at Hobby Lobby. It is soooo soft! I can't stop touching it..hee hee!

Much Love!!

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