Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Beginning.........Again

Just a quick post to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I must say, so far so good Actually it has because for the first time in weeks there is nothing I *have* to do. It's nearly 4 pm and I am still in my pa-gee-jays and have done absolutely nothing except for cook lunch and crochet all day. Oh, I did snap some photos along the way too. It has been soooooooo nice. Today, the couch is my bestest of bestest friends! :)

I've found that avid crocheters commonly refer to this art as "hooking" and say things like "time for a little hookey" or "happy hooking". It makes me laugh every time. It is a literal term for the art but I think our creative minds got away with it and made it even more fun for us. With that being said (man, I started this sentence with "so"....pshew. Glad I caught if you ever see me refer to "hooking" I am in no way speaking of the illegal act of selling my body. Just to be clear... lol.

Now for show and tell of my newest hookey project. Remember when I said that I am drawn to colour this time of year.....yeah...well...ummm....let's just say I can't help it. Colour! Colour! Colour!! This project is full of it!

Yummy Yarn!!

Will turn into these.....
Granny Circles

Which will turn into these....
Close up! Say cheese Granny ;)

Stay tuned for its progress. Today is it's official "start date". Lets see how long before I can say it's completed!

One last thing to share today. I found this video and was immediately drawn to it. Very unique. Creative. Amazing. Have a look...

Emilie Simon - Desert (french version)

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