Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Good New Year to you all. I hope so far the day has treated you well.

I am pretty much just loafing around with my kids playing Guitar Hero 3 waaayyyy too much! I have a bit of an addiction, hence my kids begging for me to let them play..LOL! Now who was it that suggested that we get this game?? *wink* Its a lot of fun anyway... my favorites to play are One by Metallica, Stricken by Disturbed, and My Name is Jonas by Weezer. Oh..I like Slow Ride by Foghat too!

So lets see..what will this new year bring for me? Well... for starters, a very very very good friend is coming to see me in February!! I cannot even express how excited I am to get to see her and her daughter. It is going to be a blast so that is definitely one thing to look forward to! In May, there may be a trip to Napa for me! Ohhh..so fun that will be getting together with a bunch of Twitter friends!! More trouble for Lisa and myself! August may bring a trip to Las Vegas...haven't been there in like 6 or 7 years so that will be fun!! Its kind of odd because all these trips I will be taking alone, at least as far as the traveling part goes and that is definitely different for me. I am looking forward to it, stepping out, seeing new places and gathering with new friends. This year I will be doing more things for me. I know that sounds selfish but I have given up so much over the years, its about time I had a year for myself! So I'm taking it and going to enjoy it!

Life is too short to give up the things you enjoy. This year I plan to laugh more, love more, live more, and just plain be happier!! I'm tired of sadness and hurt and a lot of that I have to move on from myself. Of course, there will be some that will never fade away..there will always be difficult times of the year but I will get through them.

So I guess we will see what this year brings for me and my life. I hope to enjoy it and have fun along the way. Won't you join me?

Until next time...

Oh, wait...I found this cartoon strip from a fellow Google reader, Eberrera, and I thought how fitting to me. Sorry that it is a Christmas theme as I know thats over with, but it still made me laugh and it fits me to a "T" cuz I am such a night owl! LOL.... Grrr..I cannot get the image to fit on my blog page (thanks WordPress *shaking fist* ) so you will have to click HERE to see it =)

Until next time.. again.. =)

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