Wednesday, January 2, 2008


What a day I had today! It's only the second day of the year. If the rest of my days are like today or worse, I'm in trouble!! Don't worry, I won't sit here and complain about my day because it sure won't make it any better and you don't need to hear it.

I will just tell you about one hair cut! ACK!!! Ok, so my hair was very long..about down to the center of my back, k? So I go in and tell her that I want my hair to still be long, just below my shoulders, and soft layers...SOFT LAYERS!! She says "okay, I can do that". I should have questioned her when she had the chair turned so I couldn't see the mirror but I figured she knew what she was doing. When she was done she handed me the mirror so I could see my new cut....OMG I almost fell out of the chair. She cut it sooooooooo short I wanted to cry. Nothing could be done at that point, all of it was gone and she sure as hell couldn't put it back, so I kindly told her thank you, paid and left. Mind you, the day I had was already bad and then to top it off with a bad haircut......grrrrr...!! But again, nothing I could do so I went home, washed it, dried it...and messed about with it. All in all, its not THAT bad, but I'm taking note to NEVER go back to that place.

So here it is...what do you think?


Until next time....

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