Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lie To Me. Wait, no. Please don't!

Last night a new show called Lie To Me started. When I first read up on it and saw the previews I was kind of like..'eh. Yeah, 'eh. It started right after American Idol last night so I got to see like the first 7 minutes or so and then the DVR kicked into another show! Of course, two shows were already recording so I couldn't watch it and I couldn't record it and I couldn't watch it on Fox's website cuz they won't post them the day of airing..hmmmpff! Wha Wha Wha! LOL.

So I waited alllllllll day and came home and watched it on Fox's website. It was actually pretty good. I thought it was just gonna be another beefed up show that I was going to hate. Just goes to show you I can be wrong...sometimes...heh. Now hopefully they will keep up the story lines to keep it on air. It was funny, suspenseful (of sorts), and just plain interesting, and yes, I even cried at the end. I'm such a sap! If you want to watch Episode 1, click HERE :)

Now, how many of you that watched it will go around looking for weird facial expressions and slight shoulder shrugs as you talk to someone?

Ok so at the end they played a really good song by Aqualung called Easier To Lie! Fitting I suppose....and one I've always liked.

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