Saturday, January 10, 2009

What Would You Wish For?

I ran across this video while reading one of the blogs I enjoy and it truly made me smile. Not that "aww how cute" kind of smile, but that deep down happy thoughts kind of smile.

It's a montage of clips in New York City where 50 people are asked the same questions and their answers are filmed. Totally on the spot. Not rehearsed. Candid answers.

My favorite happened to be the gent at the end who says, "I wish I had began the day with a wish, actually. Maybe I'll wish that for tomorrow." What a nice thought, to begin each day with a wish...

What would YOU wish for?

Would you like to see more videos or read some of the responses? You can find them at their website HERE. :) Me personally, can't wait to see the responses from London. It says "coming soon". Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the term "soon"? It's so indefinite, its annoying. That's another blog post in!

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CarneyFarm said...

I think that is a great video and what a great response to wake up everyday and have a wish.
I have so many things I could wish for, But the first would be that the could find a way to stop the tumor form growing that has paralyzed my sister-in-law and just keeps getting worse.
Second I would wish that my son Joey's beloved dog Sassy would find her way home safe and be reunited with her heartbroken family.
Gosh there is so many things we can wish for. So I think now each day I will wish and when I make the wish I will also say a prayer.

You can never Pray or Wish to much!