Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who Watches Over The Watchmen?

Last weekend I went to go see Seven Pounds, which was a fantastic movie, and one of the trailers played was for Watchmen. I don't watch many commercials on t.v. so I hadn't previously seen it. In under three minutes my attention was captured and will be a must see in March. (That is of course pending it actually releases in March with the lawsuit Fox has won against Warner Brothers). With Zack Snyder as the director, I have a feeling I won't be disappointed. He did a phenomenal job with 300. I chose this video, which isn't the current trailer, but I liked the song that went along with it, Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning.

Its funny to me how things link up in life. Something as simple as actors in movies we watch. I've liked Jeffrey Dean Morgan ever since he appeared in Grey's Anatomy. I don't know why. He's not especially gorgeous, but easy on the eyes. Just something about him I like. His presence I guess, perhaps his smile. Warm. Inviting. Anyways, he plays in one of my favorite movies called P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler (another favorite). So when I saw that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was also in Watchmen as Edward Blake (Comedian) I was excited. Then with Zack Snyder directing, that linked to 300, in which Gerard Butler played King Leonidas. Did you follow all that? LOL! Just my twisted way of thinking, I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Watchmen is going to be amazing!!! Jeff always brings 1000% to his roles!!! I hope you have visited:
Honor Jeff and save a dog!!!!