Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Here!

Ok, so it doesn't take all that much to excite me! Just the other day I posted a video: Fifty People One Question - New York and mentioned that one for London was coming soon and I couldn't wait! Guess what I got in my email today? Yup! London's video! Woo Hoo!!

This time the question was: If you could wake up anywhere, where would it be?

I am a people watcher and these videos intrigue me. (No the accent has nothing to do with my interest in this video..hee hee!) I love to watch how different everyone is and how unique each answer may or may not be. Some take it in a literal sense and some reach to the back of their imagination and pull out fantastic answers. (Like the girl who wanted to wake up on a planet made of I love how some people are so comfortable and happy in their life that when asked if they could wake up anywhere, ANYWHERE they could possibly want, they chose their own bed.


If I could wake up anywhere, with out a doubt, it would be Killarney National Park. Waking up to the beauty of Ireland would be breathtaking!

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