Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Not Moving

"Have you stopped to consider that it's life's "disconnects," "almosts," and "not quites," that make life's "connections," "gotchas," and "eurekas" so fantastically romantic? Good, because they were your idea." ~~A Note From The Universe

Well, first of all, Happy St. Patrick's day to all of you!! I hope it was joyous and safe!

I came across this group not so long ago and it seemed fitting to share it here today. The Script is an Irish Pop band from Dublin, Ireland, and fairly new. It was their second single that really caught my heart because it displays a powerful conviction for love, his love, for one girl ,and he's willing to wait for her through whatever comes his way. In the same regard it's sad, though, because he's letting his life pass him by waiting for someone that may never come back to him.

Here's wishing you happiness and a little bit of luck EVERY day of they year! :)

The original video is HERE if you're interested, unfortunately embedding was disabled.

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