Sunday, November 25, 2007


I look out the window and watch as the rain falls.
The water trickles down the window glass,
Just as the tears stream down my face.

I sit and wonder how I got here.
Here, a place of sadness and loneliness.
Here, a place of hurt and melancholy.

You walk by without a second look.
Not a care or a wonder of why I hurt.
To you I am invisible.

Just reach out your hand and touch my heart.
Take my hand in yours with fingers interlocked.
Wipe away my tears and tell me you still care.

I sit and watch the clouds streak by.
They move fast and furiously along,
Just as my emotions rush through me.

I sit and wonder how I got here.
Here, a place of dysphoria and misery.
Here, a place of heartache and sorrow.

Today is almost over and tomorrow is yet to come.
The sun will rise and the sun will set,
But as tomorrow comes, I will still be invisible.

Tell me I can be happy again.
Tell me that everything will be alright.
Tell me that I won’t always feel alone.

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