Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pure Innocence...

So lately I have been talking a lot about my new baby niece. I just cannot help it. She is just adorable and full of sweetness and she just makes me smile, and that's important!!

Today I was holding her while mom got some work done and I just could not stop staring at her. She was awake and happy, just content to look around and wiggle. I talked to her and told her stories. I giggled at her when she made those silly funny faces that babies make. I even laughed out loud when I saw a smile emerge on her face because she is way to young to know she is smiling. Some say its gas..who knows, but she made me laugh.

My father-in-law always used to say how it amazed him how babies ever survive and actually grow up. In a way, he had a point. They are so completely dependent upon you for everything and their only means of communication is crying and then you have to figure out what it is that they need. The entire process is quite amazing.

At one point I caught myself lost in thought as I stared at her. Realizing how lucky she was. Completely unaware, innocent. She doesn't know unhappiness, anger, loneliness, any of those hurtful feelings. Of course I'm not saying that I would want to revert back to being an infant, but to not know these feelings, even for one day, would be worth its weight in gold.

Anyway, I just had to brag a bit more about Madison, so I will bid you goodbye and leave you with a picture of her cuteness.


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