Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I was looking at my blog page just now and I realized something that should have stuck out like a sore thumb when I chose it, well, before I chose it actually. Sigh....I really love the design of this theme which can be found HERE to download. However, it tells you the time you post it, but NOT THE DATE! What's up with that? That is a really important feature. Well, to me anyway.

It took me forever to transfer all my posts from Word Press here, I hope, when, and IF I find a new theme, it doesn't jack that up!

'Scuse me while I make a sad face and begin looking for a new blog theme.....

funny pictures
more cat pictures

***Edited: Had I read a little bit more in regards to this template, I would have seen that I don't have to find a new template, I just had to "tweek" a certain field to get my dates. Now I haz a happee!!"

more cat pictures

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