Thursday, August 7, 2008

Season Finale

Until this season, season 4, I had never watched So You Think You Can Dance. I haven't enjoyed a "reality" show as much as I have this one. I don't really know what it is about the show that draws me in, but I could watch them dance over and over and over. I suppose some of it is envy. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with the gene for dancing and I am always awestruck when I watch how easy they make it look. I can only imaging how difficult it really is.

As of now, I am watching the season finale and it has about 30 minutes until they announce the winner and I can't wait to see who has won. In my opinion, they are all great, the top 20 even. Although, the two people that caught my eye from the day they showed their auditions, were Katee and Joshua.

Katee came on the show with her best friend and roommate and when it came down to them being the last two contenders for the top 20, they were each asked a question. "If you don't make it tonight, will you come back next year?". Her friend, whos name escapes me said yes, but Katee had said no, because this was her second year in trying out and she didn't know if she could handle the disappointment again. Before they gave their answers the judges had already made their decisions but hadn't announced it. They sent the girls backstage again (not normal) to do a re-vote based on Katee's answer. I thought for sure she blew it, but because the votes were tied, their original vote stuck and Katee was through. Wow, they would have made a giant mistake had they let her go. She is amazing and watching her has sometimes brought me to tears. (Yeah, I know! I'm a TOTAL sap, but that's ok because I'm alright with that!)

Joshua. He makes my heart melt. He came from a not so perfect background and has overcome and moved on from that and you can see in his eyes how much he loves to dance. He is so full of emotion and strentgh. I could watch him for hours. Not only is he an amazing dancer but he portrays his personality as a sweetheart to the fullest.

Ironically enough, when they chose who was going to pair with whom, Katee and Joshua were coupled. Breathtaking and never a dull moment.

Altough I love to watch them both, I think that Katee is my favorite and I hope that she is the winner. She performs flawlessly almost everytime she dances and when off stage she is such a goof. Out of everyone, she is the one I enjoy watching the most. To show a bit of her talent, here is my favorite performance with her out of them all.

Here she performs the Pas De Deux with Will......

See you in 30 minutes to announce the winner!!!!

Well, I am a bit disappointed that Katee didn't win, but Joshua did and I am so happy about that! He is amazing and so deserving of it!! Way to go Joshua! Below you will find a video of Joshua and Katee dancing to a John Mayer song, Slow Dancing in a Burning favorite showcasing Joshua.

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