Saturday, November 7, 2009

Even A Chimp Can Do It

A few days ago I posted a photo of a project I was drafting. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I'm not sure I realized just how much work it was going to be. No, I'm not giving up, because I will finish this now that I've started it and in all honesty, even though it is and will be a lot of work, I have enjoyed it so far. It's just going to take a while to finish

What am I talking about? Well, I happened upon a blog, an amazing blog called Don't Look Now and saw that she was going to be doing a quilt along. She would post materials needed and tutorials along the way, promising that even though it looks incredibly difficult, that even a monkey could do it. Yes, she said that HERE and it went like this--> "Now before you all bork at the notion of turned edge applique, the method I will be using even a chimp could master!!!!" She's quite the comic too, which is another reason I love her blog!

It's not too late to join if you want to. You just have to go to her blog and click on the Quilt Along link and sign up :)

Here's a snapshot of my first block, each of the 12 petals cut out (twice really because you have to cut the pattern out of fusible webbing AND the fabric) and hand sewn down.

One block down...48 to go! That's only another 576 flower petals to cut out and sew down! :D

******OH OH OH! Even better news....remember my niece? She went in for testing and they didn't find anything! Meaning they didn't find anything wrong. Which, from what we are being told, means it's nothing to worry about and she will grow out of it!! *sigh of relief* Thanks to all of you who were concerned. It meant so much to me! It means so much to me.....

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That is great news! ^_^