Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Can Change. So Can I.

I did today, what I should have done 3 months ago. Next time, I know to go with my instinct. It's usually right.

I purchased a new laptop almost three months ago because I was having issues with the one I was using and was told that it was the video card and you can't replace those in a laptop, or not very easily anyway. So based on the information told to me, I made an informed decision to get a new one even though the one I had was only a year old. Again, based on information that was presented to me, I bought an Asus. I was told it was one of the better brands and a high performer. Maybe it is, normally, but the one I got was awful. That's putting it nicely. In 3 months, I've had to restore it back to factory settings three times because it wouldn't boot up or it would just freeze. I was supposed to keep dealing with this for the life of the computer? Um. No way.

So begins my journey...

I checked the receipt where I purchased it from (Best Buy) and their return/exchange policy was only 15 days. Well, that was shot as I had had it for 3 months now. I figured I was up a creek, as they say. Then again, it never hurts to ask for something, even if you don't think you'll get it, because you can't be any worse off. So.... I called Best Buy and told them all the issues I was having and said that I would really like to see if they would exchange it for me and would they be willing. I didn't just want to return it, I just wanted to exchange it for something that would work and be better for the money I paid. I almost cried when the woman I spoke to told me that normally they would send it out to see what was wrong with it, but in my case she would make an exception and let me exchange it for something different. OMGoodness!!! Well, then I confirmed with her that I wanted to exchange the brand I had, for a completely different brand. She told me they didn't carry that brand. *heartbreak*

Again, my brain went into motion and I thought, hm, why not call another store, advise of what this Best Buy was going to do and see if they would do the exchange as well, since I KNEW they had what I wanted. I called. Again, almost cried when they said that on an exception basis would accept the exchange. I took her name and her managers name that approved it, packed up my laptop and I was on my way to Madison.

All the way there I kept thinking as soon as I go to do it, they will say sorry, no can do. Boy, was as I wrong! I walked up to the service desk and the Manager that had approved it was there and was completely understanding (not to mention really cute) and took care of everything. He advised the gal at the desk that it was ok to exchange it and then he put me in the hands of a rep to go over the laptop that I wanted in it's place. To make sure it was what I wanted. This guy spent over an hour going over things with me!! I had his complete attention and was sold. Well, I was sold before I walked in the door, but he put the cherry on top.

I can say that I am ecstatic with my purchase and the way that Best Buy handled something that they normally would not do. I never expected them to even consider an exchange, let along actually doing it, especially in this situation. I guess it pays to take a chance on something that you think might not happen. You just never know....

Thank you!!!

So...I am now the proud owner of a Mac Book Pro and I LOVE it so far!! I am shutting the door on the PC because I've had enough and I've been promised that I will love this machine so much that I will want to make out with it. Ok..that's a bit far, but I think I will love it nearly that much ;)

In honour of change...

Tears For Fears - Change

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