Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Finish Line

It's the last day of November and this is my 30th post in 30 days!! I can honestly say that I did enjoy it and I still wonder where it all came from. Most days I would have no idea on what to write about and when it came time to sit down and browse around my normal sites, something would always hit me.

Even though I enjoyed it, I do know that I wouldn't want to do this every month. After a while I think that it would become more of a job to write in my blog than the very purpose of why I even keep a blog to begin with. I keep this up so I always have a place to come and write about whatever I want to write about (well, almost anything) and to share things I discover with those that take the time to read my blog (thank you!!)

So for now, I will end a great month of NaBloPoMo with a great song by Snow Patrol called The Finish Line with the Dr. Who series incorporated. I have so many shows to watch yet to be caught up to the final season of Dr. Who, but I'm getting there, and enjoying every minute of it!

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Mik said...

I usually post every couple of days or so but every day for a month did have a little pressure. Although I found on some days I had two or three posts ready and had to restrain myself and not post them all in one day in case I had nothing the following few days!

btw are you the same Karrie Lyne who won my Moleskine notebook and banner? If so, I sent you an email for details.