Sunday, November 2, 2008

Meet Fyre

On September 20th my son had an outing for Cub Scouts that had activities of every kind. They had stations where you could shoot a BB gun, shoot an bow and arrow, wall climbing, and some craft stations, amongst a few other things to keep all the boys busy, parents too! Alongside the "mess hall" they had displays of animal skins and information about them, as well as displays of trapping, hunting, and fishing. The other thing that they had in the mess hall was a gentleman who had 2 corn snakes and 1 king snake with him. The kids were allowed to hold them if they wanted to. They were very young, 6 months if I remember correctly, so they were quite small. My kids were instantly attracted to that display and I think we spent the most time there. I have to admit that I could have stayed there a bit longer too. It was a great station as the kids and I asked a lot of questions about them and the gent was very knowledgeable. I remember laughing because he said to the kids, "When I was a kid, my mom wouldn't let me have even one snake, so now I'm making up for it and I have a whole bunch!" After this statement he looked right at me as though it was a bit of a! Needless to say, you can imagine the next questions that were posed. Funny thing is that I think I thought about getting a snake before the kids did!

I did a bit of research online, visited a few local pet stores to see what was available. I wouldn't recommend getting any kind of exotic pet from a pet store unless it's one that specialize in them. They just don't know enough about them nor did I feel the care was adequate.

I located a breeder about an hour north of me and I called him up made an appointment to go see what he had to offer as well as to see his set up. He had so many different things from snakes to lizards, turtles (I so wanted to take one home!!), he even had a bird eating spider (yes you read that right)! He pulled the container out and I almost ran up the stairs and out the door. HUGE!! **shivers** Anyways, we were fascinated with his stock and out of pure curiosity, asked him questions about each animal and he had an answer for each one. We finally got around to seeing the corn snakes he had and decided on one of the younger ones. My daughter wanted a female and chose a really sweet girl.

So on September 25th we brought home Fyre (sounds like fire). She is so tiny and the cutest thing. The kids love her, as do I. Especially my daughter. She takes her out just about every night and loves it when she tries to slither on her face and into her hair. She giggles every time!

Without further adu, I give you Fyre....isn't she cute?

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