Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Short Love Story That Lasts A Lifetime

It's no secret that I am a sucker for a love story, or twelve! This love story is no exception. In a matter of seconds the artist captures your heart and keeps it until the very end. It begins with white birds flying over house tops and then invites you into a small school room where a young girl is dreaming and drawing, with a young man holding her interest. She smiles at him and he smiles back at her. The story then flows into their courtship, marriage, their first child....then the couple as they are old and gray, still sharing their life together and reminiscing about their younger years together.

Yes, I have tears dabbling down my face by now. It's just a touching story with amazing art and creativity and an amazing musical background to boot! Have a look for yourself, even if you're not a sucker for a love story, at least watch it for the appreciation of the art. You can go HERE to read up on a bit more of the making of this sweet story.

I had seen this a few months back, had saved it with all intent to blog it, but sadly had forgotten about it until I read another blog. Of course, another Twitter friend, @genart is the owner of this blog, so a BIG thank you goes out to her for tweaking my brain to remember to post this video. Please, if you have a chance, visit her blog called Spit Happens. She is an amazing digital artist and her work is breath taking. It is like reading a good book, you just keep flipping the pages to take in more and when you get to the end, you're disappointed there's no more to look at! My absolute favorite is found HERE. Lost in a fairytale, a dreamer, a lover, in a beautiful land....If I could order that and have it framed......

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Genevieve said...

It's true, I'm addicted to Carlos Lascano. His work is superb in every sense of the word. I have an adoration for stop animation and he's the master.

Thank you so very much for the beautiful compliment you posted regarding my work. The greatest reward I could ever receive from sharing my work is knowing that it touches people in a deep place.

Sequestered is indeed for sale-
if you're interested in purchasing a print- email me.

Thanks again darling.

~ Genevieve