Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet as Sugarland

I was watching the 2008 Country Music Awards (CMA) tonight and was glad to see that Sugarland had a couple of awards up for grabs. Jennifer Nettles is a beautiful woman and has a brilliant voice that's uniuqe and touches the heart. Then there is Kristian Bush who plays guitar and sings back up. Together they are a fantastic duo.

Her song/video "Stay" won Song of the Year this year and it doesn't surprise me one bit. Every time I watch this video, tears well up. You can't help but feel what she is feeling and know just where she's coming from. Perhaps because she is so expressive, perhaps from personal's a very emotional song.

Sugarland - Stay

The other award that she and Kristian won was for Vocal Duo of the Year with Already Gone. Have a looksie and see if you like this one too :)

Sugarland - Already Gone

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