Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Age of Innocence...Or Not

I never have a camera in my hands when I really need one, but tonight created a mental image that I will not soon forget.

I was sitting on the couch with Bug and we were watching American Idol. As always they run rampant on commercials so between songs I'd go back to working on my laptop. I had remembered something I wanted to tell Bug so I looked up and started to tell him but I was stopped short. He had a curious look on his face and his eyes were locked dead on the t.v. I followed his gaze and saw what he was looking at. What else, but a Victoria's Secret commercial... LOL. I started laughing and said "Buuuuuggggg!!!". He reluctantly pulled his eyes from the t.v. and looked at me, his cheeks turning bright red and an "I got busted smile" on his face! Even funnier was that his eyes kept drifting back to the t.v. even though I was trying to keep eye contact with him.

I'm in so much trouble with this guy...he's only 7!!

Boys will be boys, I suppose =P

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