Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Well, much to my dismay, Chris Allen won American Idol tonight. *sigh* He is ok, in my book. Nothing phenomenonal. Hell, most times I heard him sing, I had no idea what he was saying, unless I already knew the words to the song. He's cute and will probably do well with the young crowd but he didn't do anything for me.

My bet had been on either Danny Gokey or Adam Lambert, with top dibs on Danny. Unfortunately he didn't make it to the top three. Of course, all three of them will get record deals, as well as others from the top 13, so maybe it's a good thing that Danny and Adam didn't actually win Idol. Perhaps their ties to Idol won't be as long as the winner's term and they can go on about their own thing much sooner.

Congrats to Chris, just the same. :)

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