Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's All The Buzz

I've cut my sons hair since he's ever even needed a hair cut. Grab the clippers and buzz away. He loves it and it's easy enough that I can't screw it up!

His hair started getting long and he was in need of a hair cut so I told him we would cut his hair over the weekend. Mind you, this was about a month ago. He said, "no mom, I want to grow it out". I just blinked at him not knowing really what to say. I have nothing against longer hair on men, and actually prefer it on some, but the look the kids have around here these days, is just pure shaggy and mussy. Not really what I wanted for Bug IS his hair and what harm can being shaggy do? Nothing, so I said ok and he let it grow.

A few days ago he was scratching at his head and he says to me, "Mom, I wanna cut my hair now. It's buggin' me". I tried to stifle a laugh but he caught me and gave me a goofy look.

This weekend we cut his hair like we normally do and he was thrilled. "Much better, Mom!" he said. LOL!

I've added the before and after pictures. In the "after" picture he looks as though he was in some sort of pain that I didn't see when I took the photos originally, but the sun was just in his eyes. Bad photographer! :)

Before - Isn't he cute here? I have to admit I kinda liked it :)
shaggy bug

After - What a difference a haircut makes!!
buzzed bug

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