Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reverse Psychology

My brain hurts tonight, literally, (again - sigh) so this won't be much of a post but at least give me an A for effort. (Which by the way, I never understood that line since effort does not begin with the letter 'a'. Yes I get the concept but I still think its a stupid

Who doesn't love looking at absolutely adorable cute pictures of animals? I don't know of anyone so if you don't, please don't tell me...heh.

Cute Overload is one of my favourite sites to view these undeniably adorable creatures (of all kinds but not enough turtles!!!) and today when I saw this I couldn't stop giggling. The photo is just oh so sweet but the dialog that goes with it is dead on.

Please humor me and click HERE to see just what I mean. Then I dare you not to look at more perfectly pink little noses and tongues, and tiny tocks, miniature muzzles and quite possibly the cutest creatures you have ever laid eyes on :)

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DBD said...

Not in the mood for cute noses right now. I want whips and chains, but nobody *is* allowed to use them on me.

(Sorry I clicked in to twitter after a long, email...)