Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happie Mudders Day!!

That's how my kiddos say it: Happie Mudders Day :) A couple of goofballs they are but definitely sweeties! They came in and woke me at 8:15 a.m (anyone who knows me knows that I do not get up anywhere near that early on the because they were excited to give me my Mother's Gifts that they made for me at school. This is the best part of Mother's Day. The hand made gifts and the thought that went into each one. This is what I hold dear. I don't wish for a monetary gift or a dinner or anything fancy like that because that is not the intent of the day, despite what Hallmark says. I just wanted to enjoy my kids.

My little Bug made me a little planted pot with purple flowers in it. He also made me a sweet little card that had things that I liked or wished for on it and he filled in the blanks. The one that made me laugh was the one that said "Who (meaning me) is proud when.....we pick up around the house"...LOL. I am constantly getting on the kids to pick up after themselves so at least I know he hears me...hee hee! Another one along the same lines was "Who wishes she could.....keep the house clean". Can you tell what I nag about around the house.. LOL! He also decorated a bag that the flower was in and he put "don't open till Mother's day" and "hi mom, smell the bag". This still makes me laugh!

My daughter also made me a little pot but it was filled with candy! It had Life Savers (because moms are lifesavers) and Hugs and Kisses. How cute is that? The best part was that she painted the pot green (my favourite color) and decorated it with...can you guess? Turtles!! She also made me the cutest pocket card that was full of all the things she loves about me such as: I cook wonderful meals, I make her happy, because I love her, and I give great big hugs. She also did a page on the things I do for her. I giggled when she put "buys Ice Hog tickets".. LOL! There was also another page dedicated to turtles!

These things totally made my day....Thank you my dear little ones! I love you both dearly!



Even though I don't have my mother with me here, she is and always will be in my heart. I remembered her today by putting together a page for her. I only wish I had more pictures of her....Happy Mother's Day Mom!


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