Saturday, May 23, 2009

Growing Up

Eleven years ago today (at 3:46 pm) I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Nine pounds, 10 ounces and stubborn from the get go.

I will never forget that day. My parents had been living in South Carolina at the time and my mom wanted to come up to visit for two weeks so we were trying to plan when would be a good time and guarantee time with her first grand baby. We had decided that she would come one week after my due date because if I went early, she would have the full two weeks and if I went late, the doctor would induce me a week after mom got there. So either way she'd have time with the baby.

I had a doctors appointment the same day my mom was due in and I told her I'd be done in plenty of time to pick her up from the airport. Well, they ended up wanting to do an ultra sound that day so I was running late.

I was so worried about being late because there was no way for me to contact my mom to tell her and I knew she'd be worried. When I arrived at the airport (finally) I ran across the parking lot. Yes, imagine the picture of a big ole pregnant lady running across the parking lot. I'm sure I was quite the sight. Funny thing was when I reached my mom, she was laughing so hard watching me run across the lot holding my belly and it still bouncing up and down.. LOL.

Apparently running induces labor because that night I went into labor. This was still May 22nd. So after a long labor, 3 hours of HARD pushing, she wouldn't budge. See what I meant about stubborn? They ended up taking her by c-section.

Now today I have a beautiful, grown up little girl who's 11. I don't know where the time went. All that I know is that it's going way too fast.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!! Mommy loves you!!


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happy late bday