Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet Geebus!!

I have been totally engaged in hockey the past few months and now the NHL playoffs are in full force. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings are the two teams I've been following in the Western Conference (NHL). I keep track of the Blackhawks because they are the parent team to the Rockford Ice Hogs (the local AHL team that got me into hockey in the first place) and I enjoy the Detroit Red Wings because they are a fantastic team and I used to live in I have a feeling they are both going to win their series and go head to head in the Western Conference Championship Series!! I can't decide who I want to win (leaning towards Blackhawks) but I think the Red Wings will go on to the Stanley Cup but either way I will be geeked out!! (that means really

So anyway I was watching the Red Wings play the Ducks on May 1st and had unfortunately missed the first period. After the Red Wings took the game they did the re-caps and I can't believe I missed the hit that Hudler took that night! Ufff!! Bam! Blood everywhere...Yah! Ok, so no, I'm not happy he got hurt but WOW, what a hit!! I was suprised that he actually returned to the game.

I know this is like 10 days later but I had totally forgotten about it until it was mentioned again during the Red Wing game I watched last night, so I had to try to scrounge up the video. If blood makes your stomach squidgy, don't watch it!

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